Jan 8, 2009


I have a confession. I hated yesterday's WFMW post. It did nothing for me. Granted, I didn't have anything else in mind to write about. Until, of course, I'd already posted and thought of something that is valuable and works for me. I made a note of it for next week. Stay tuned, I'm really more interesting than I was yesterday. Yesterday's post made me feel lame. And honestly, had I not just read a post about babysitters I wouldn't even have thought about it, so all that was fresh in my mind. Either way... it wasn't really a post about me or anything that currently works for me.

Remember Mr. Squeakers? Well, after buying those silly little mouse hotel trappy things and waiting for DAYS for Mr. Squeakers to crawl in and take my bait, I have come to the conclusion that I'm crazy. That darn mouse never showed up... didn't leave poop or anything else behind. But believe you me, I checked my closet every day waiting for poop or chewed cardboard shoe boxes. After lots of sane thought, I've decided that there never was a mouse.

My second job has potential to hate me... I bought a size small top then decided I'd prefer medium, got home with the medium last night and realized I wish I still had the small. A little part of me wants to take it back again, but I won't. It's tempting. But I won't. I could. I really think I could. But, they might hate me. So, I won't.

Did you know that a dog only has about 2,000 taste buds compared to the 10,000 that humans have? I learned this yesterday from my page-a-day dog calendar my friend gave me for Christmas. Apparently all this time I've been sharing food with Nola and sacrificing the taste because I thought she would like it too -- don't get me wrong, I was sure it didn't taste the exact same to her -- sigh... So much for that.

I knew this would be a completely random post. I still feel like I need something super fun to make up for yesterday. I'll get over it. This is kinda cool, check it out. I'm in the top 2% of the world's richest people. Now there's a blog post. Why I feel like I struggle when I'm in the top 2%. Oh, and for the record, I thought that was wrong so I typed in 300,000 to see what it would be and it was something like several tenths of one percent (I'm sure there's a more correct way to say that, I don't do math well), so it's probably right.

Without getting on another random tangent I'll just end here for now.

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