Jan 4, 2009

Highlights of 2008

2008 was a great year! We went on lots of trips, met new friends, and had a wonderful time in between all of the crazy dances life's music decided to play.

In February, the girlfriends decided to rent a cabin in Shenandoah. It was a great weekend filled with all sorts of crazy fun! The ice was simply beautiful on the trees.

Luray Caverns had the coolest piano that plays from the stalactites!

I was so excited my friend Katie was able to come for the day!

I made everyone a scarf since I'd recently learned to knit. We had a great vacation and hated to leave but we decided to make it an annual event. I can't wait til this year's trip is planned!

In February, both Nola and I were attacked by another dog at the dog park. She had awful bite wounds on her back legs and I had a puncture on my left hand. We have nasty scars on us today from this. It was a traumatic event and one I'm sure we'd both like to forget! She was so pitiful afterwards. I felt horrible for her.

I'd been thinking about fostering a dog through our local animal shelter so when a new friend mentioned needing a foster home for a recently rescued australian shepherd, I offered to be the foster home...

... but that didn't last long.

We enjoyed a summer filled with all sorts of short outdoor adventures.

We went to the beach and walked along the docks watching the boats come in...

... and we got wet in the ocean!

We brought ALL of the dogs and owned the beach that day!

We went to the Canine Crawl downtown to help raise money for the Humane Society.

We tried to learn how to swim... poor little Nola panicked and didn't enjoy water nearly as much as I'd hoped. She was a sport and although I was covered in scratches afterwards, I think she is a more well rounded puppy for the experience (haha).

We had our "first annual" (for the record, there is no such thing as "first annual," it's first then second annual, third annual, fourth annual, etc...) GOAC picnic.

We went to Ocracoke and officially became "The Bird People" while feeding seagulls from the ferry. We were the only people the birds would take food from so it was a little funny. You probably had to be there, but we think it's pretty funny.
We saw the Blue Man Group in Boston...
... and had fun jumping through the water spouts.
We went to Gloucester where the movie Perfect Storm was filmed. It was beautiful! The rocks were amazing and the houses on the coast were unbelieveably huge! They were like mini castles in Massachusettes.

D branded me with a Sox cap, but it was okay because the "B" was pink and the blue was a little faded... just my style!

Some of us turned 30!

We went to the pond and had a good time running through the woods... and empty corn fields on the property!

My sister got married in October!!!

We had some time to enjoy with family.

We spent more time in Boston!

Then went to VERMONT! This was taken at the Ben & Jerry's factory! We got there around 3:00 in the afternoon ready and excited for a tour but the line was out the wazoo so we opted to have a quick potty break, browse the shoppe, and head back out to explore the state!

It just so happened that D booked our trip at the PEAK foliage week in VT so we had an amazing hike in Stowe. This was taken after we'd riden the lift up to another trail. There were Christmas trees that lined the paths so it was probably the best hike I've ever been on! The air was cool and crisp, it was breezy, and it smelled like Christmastime... in October! We had a wonderful time in that Vermont!

Back in NC, we started taking pictures for the Christmas card.
This is one from that set of shots.

In November, Nola and I packed up and headed to Boston for Thanksgiving. My sweet D is the BEST ever and didn't mind when we altered the trip due to some ahem, slight changes in plans... He's amazing! This is Nola in her new sweater all ready to see her first snow... in Cape Cod! We drove up for the day and the beach was freezing! Nola got a great stick from one of the driftwood pieces. We forgot it when we left but D brought it with him when he was here for Christmas and New Year's.

Oh it was so cold!
If 2009 is anything like 2008, I will be blessed beyond measure. I forgot to mention that in March (10th), we celebrated Nola's 1st birthday. I have so much enjoyed having her. I thought about getting a dog for over a year before I started searching for her. Perhaps I'll post about her story later this week. Speaking of my furry child, she just hopped in my lap so the computer must go. If I haven't said it enough already, hope you and yours are having a wonderful 2009!

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