Jan 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

I could post Do Something Monday BUT... I'd rather complain about jury duty. This is the 5th time I've been called and I'm not even 30! C'mon! There are plenty of 50-year old people that have never been called. What gives?!

In the past jury duty has simply been: show up, check in, dismissed, wait at home, wait at home, thanks for serving, see ya.

No so much the circumstance today... all 70 of us were assigned a case. I thought I was lucky when I wasn't called for civil court. Little did I know, that didn't mean I got to wait around all day. It meant I was an automatic for criminal court. Blah.

So I'm juror #2 for a first degree murder trial. Great. Apparently it's going to be real with photos and everything. My terrific sister worked at a law firm and saw all sorts of crazy stuff in files and I liked vicariously learning about things through her. Key word there: vicariously. Not as in I want to see it. Ew. I am so NOT excited about autopsy pictures. Ick, ick, ick!
On a happier note...
D had an interview weeks ago for a federal job doing similar work that he does now (engineering related and something about acquisition, it goes over my head most of the time...). We hadn't heard anything then he found out he'd been requested and the background check had started. But then in was a looong time.

Until today! When I got home from jury duty I saw a VERY exciting email!!!

Yippee CAVEMAN!!! I really did jump up and down!!! Such a relief... still with the Air Force but with a different (read: better) group. Now he gets to work with his buddy M who was his old boss.

Oh! And Britt's puppy... I think we decided on the name Fort. Short for Fortunate. I'll have to post pictures and his story when I know more. I think she's still trying to piece it all together. His surgery was bumped to Thursday so she will probably get him on Friday. No details yet. I can't wait to see him. Poor little guy. So small and sick. I know she'll take good care of him though. And probably fall in love and add him to her already enormous and growing bunch of puppies! She has a blog too but doesn't post much: http://www.fosterdanes.blogspot.com/. Maybe I can convince her to post lots about Fort since he'll have more frequent updates. Don't hold your breath!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Let's keep our fingers crossed for a speedy trial so I can get back to work by Friday for a class I'm teaching!

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brittany said...

WooHOO!!! Jury duty...I wish I could take your place, sounds like fun!!
Yes, I get Fort on Friday. I am meeting the lady after work in Raleigh. Will send pics and update.

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