Jan 24, 2009

Back into the swing of things

We thought last week was our "let's get back into the swing of things" week but alas, it was not. Sooo... this week WAS. Weekend rather. I talked to D last night and we both agreed we had to get serious about the state of our physical being. In other words, we're getting fat people. Nola and I just got back in from a quick one-miler. The plan was to run three miles but she knicked her paw on something and was bleeding. I could tell how bad it was but she wasn't limping so we did a quick mile and called it a day. Did I mention it was sprinkling the whole time too? So, probably not the best day to start back but I was ready to roll and took full advantage of that!My pretty girl also got her new collar in the mail today. She's so freakin cute! Well, back to baking cookies for game night.

***Oh! My sister is on the phone... she's getting a 7-week old great dane puppy next week. He's white and silver (we think) and is having two big surgeries, one of which will be to remove his eye. I'm sure I'll get some pictures soon. I can't wait to see him! Anyone have good boy dog names? (No big dog names, i.e. Rocky, Apollo, Zeus, etc...)


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Congrats on getting out there for the run! It's always hard to get yourself back into the routine. Nola is very photogenic. Your right, that picture of her is freakin cute!

dog lover...britt said...

LOVE her new collar! Perty girl

brittany said...

I will be getting Fort on either Thursday or Friday; his surgery has been moved to Thursday.

Jenn Peacock said...

I know I have said this before, but what a gorgeous dog!

We just got a puppy and we named her Harley, which I think would work well for a boy dog too. :) And your sister is awsome for taking in a doggy that needs surgery already.

Jenn Peacock said...

Fort is a cute name!

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