Jan 13, 2009

It's Tuesday, Bear with me

Am I missing a blog carnival? I don't think so... I think I just have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday blog carnivals but I'm beginning to lose track. Today I'm writing because my sister, who I used to feed dog treats to when she was little and pinch her nose when she slept with her mouth closed who is so sweet and kind, is bored at work and wants something fun to read.

Little does she know that all I'm going to do is post what she sent me earlier today... because I think it's really funny and anyone with dogs (or animals... or heck, even kids) will most certainly appreciate it.

I'll just post our email conversation this morning:

(I'd sent her a link to collars that she obviously didn't like...)

Her: " ummm...girl i'm really not a huge fan of the retro collars. i didn't really see anything i thought looked like titan or roxy. sorry girl
ps. i stepped in roxy poo this morning, ewwwww"

Me: "ewww how you know it was roxy leigh ann's poop???"
[Side Note: Her name really isn't Roxy Leigh Ann, we just call her that because Sis' mother-in-law thought that's what it was for some reason-that-I-forgot and when she told me the story, I started calling her that and she did too so the name just stuck.] (...and yes, I realize that was super long run-on sentence.)

Her: "it was way too small to be titan's and molly was still in her crate...it was gross, i kinda kicked it! yick"

Me: "EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her: "LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was gross girl.....i babygated the hallway so tite and rox would not go near molly's crate and get her excited and she pooped right in front of the gate and i went to let molly out when i got outta the shower and i didnt turn the hallway light on and i just thought it was a toy so i kicked it and then when i turned the living rm light on i realized it was poo............hahahahaahahaha it was soooo nasty.....luckily it was nice and hard though and not soft!!!! :P"

What a great way to wake up!

Speaking of dogs actually, I really love mine. I'm probably borderline obsessed with her. That's okay though because I recognize it and Dr. Phil says that the only way you can change is if you recognize the issue...which I do. It's just that I don't necessarily want to do anything about it. So...I decided to start a dog blog. Yep, as if I have nothing else to do... you can find it here: mydognola.blogspot.com. There's nothing there yet but that list of my favorite things I've been saying I'm going to write... yeah that will be there. I'll post here too just because I've mentioned it enough times, but then I'll try and spare you the dog chat and will use the other blog for that. So go tell all your dog friends that they should check out Nola's blog! It will be super fun because we'll write about all of our favorite things... and more!


Anonymous said...

allthingsnola....does not exist...it gave me that message.

it really was nasty poo!

GinSpaghetti said...

Oops! See, I don't even remember the name of it... I changed the link, it should work now!

MYDOGNOLA.blogspot.com is the correct address... sorry!

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