Jan 2, 2009

It's 2009

Happy New Year! We spent the last moments of '08 playing Jenga with friends and waiting for a crazy man in Vegas to do some big bike stunt. Yep. It was all kinds of crazy. We had a delicious pasta dinner with yummy pumpkin biscotti that was perfect with a dollop of cool whip from my grandmother Edie's famous chocolate cookie towers. Oh! And we had a slice of Bryers Vienetta (yum!). Top that off with a tall glass of strawberry flavored bubbly and and some games and we brought the new year in all tired and happy! Once we got home we realized there were no pictures so we took one.

Happy New Year peeps!

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Kalaya said...

What a cute picture and a cute couple! It sounds like you had a nice New Year's. This was mine:

My car hadn't started that day after work and I thought it was because it was -20 degrees so we got it jumpstarted and I drove it home. Then I told myself I would awake every 2-3 hours to start it again and make sure the battery didn't get too cold. So I did, but then at 4am it wouldn't start again. So I went to bed and woke up at 8am on New Year's Eve and got a ride to work. My mom took the oldest two overnight and the plan was to get the two-year-old to sleep early so I could stay up late reading and drinking tea and just having mom time. I did get him to sleep at 9:30 and my last thought of the day was relief that he was sleeping...now I could get up and read a book.
Then I woke up New Year's morning at 8:00, right on schedule with the two-year-old.

Oh well... :)

I'm glad you're doing a blog so I can keep up with what you're doing.

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-Gerry Straub