Apr 27, 2011

Magic Diaper Rash Cream

The best diaper rash cream - in my opinion.


-Desitin: Maximum Strength (purple tube) - 40% zinc oxide
-Lotrimin (can also substitute Cortisone cream)

Pre-heat oven to - just kidding.

Mix equal parts Desitin and Lotrimin then add Maalox until you have a toothpaste-like consistency.  Apply liberally at each change.  We dangle (diaper free) as much as possible when there's a rash and at least 15 minutes after a change if there's not enough time to dangle the dingle and the tush.

When we do use disposable, I use A&D (I like Target's Up&Up brand best) as a preventative and if there is a rash I use the above cream.  Note that no diaper rash cream can be used with cloth diapers unless it specifically states such on the packaging (most commercial diaper rash creams cannot be used) - you will need to order cloth specific cream from a cloth diaper distributor/retailer.

Shout out to Cassie - her husband is an allergist and this was what they used on pink hineys.  I frantically messaged her a few months ago so I would be armed with the ingredients just in case Oliver developed a rash.  We've since determined that he has sensitive skin and he's prone to rash, which is why we go diaper-less as often as possible. ... and we have a variety of creams at each of our four common changing areas.

***Updated to add that since most diaper rash creams can't be used with cloth diapers (due to ruining the absorbency) I had to get creative if I still wanted to use cloth and fight the rash without buying more cream(s).  It occurred to me that when you start breastfeeding, a lot of natural sources say to use expressed breast milk on sore nipples and allow it to dry... I decided that chapped was chapped and did the same for Rover's hiney cheeks.  Honestly - I shouldn't have been surprised that it worked.  After all, it did wonders for my nips - was way better than lanolin... and it didn't leave grease stains!  Anyway, so now I recommend trying that.  It's free, fast, and you always have it handy!


Anonymous said...

Ginger-- you can get what look like dryer sheets to put over the cream so it doesn't get on the cloth diapers-- it works pretty well. I've used Imse Vimse flushable liners and they worked well. We also got gDiapers to wear with the flushable inserts when Grace had rashes. Abby hasn't gotten any rashes yet (knock on wood) but at tonight's diaper change I saw something fishy, so I might be pulling out the g-diapers soon...

GinH said...

I had some of the Imse Vimse ones but we spilled Coke on them one night trying to save the pizza from falling off the table - I should get some more though. I only had a sample hand full. Do you like the gDiapers? I've read mixed review on them. I don't like the FLIP at all. I have debated passing my two covers and 18 inserts to someone else, but then think they might be nice when he's older and has more solids going on down there.

Maricar Cole said...

That pre heat oven makes me laugh! hehehehe.... but truly diaper rash is really a pain in the ass especially seeing your lovely angel crying because of itchiness of the rash.


El King Moringa said...

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