May 28, 2010

Nola, update

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, emails, phone calls about Belle - she is a-okay! What a scary day we had though. I'd made an appointment to have her teeth cleaned because she had soo much plaque that there was concern that if she cut her gums she could get a blood infection from the bacteria. So... that was all we were having done. I was nervous about leaving her at the vet because I knew they wouldn't get to her procedure until later in the morning and she would be afraid in the kennel not knowing what was going on. (Remember, she's part deer, so any new experience is basically terrifying for her.)

When I was signing paperwork for anesthesia I opted to skip bloodwork and instead spend the extra (except, not really 'extra' - we don't have a money tree or anything!) money on the better gas (sevoflorane instead of isoflurane). I made that decision based on the fact that she is a healthy three-year old. Well, as I stood there, I changed my mind and skipped the sevo therefore opting to do the bloodwork.

An hour or so later the Dr called me. She wanted to let me know that her bloodwork was fine but there were some abnormalities on her EKG and she was concerned. She said that the EKG indicated first degree heart block and some second degree heart block. She also told me that the wiggly lines in the EKG indicated that her heart may be enlarged and that she had already consulted with a cardiologist in Raleigh that recommended x-rays immediately. I could barely wrap myself around this. I was standing in Lowes trying to find a security thing for my parents' new door as their house was broken into earlier this week. This was NOT the phone call I was expecting. She is three, she is fine. I didn't know what any of this meant. The Dr went on to tell me that they'd given her an atropine response test and she did well - they did this to keep her heart beating normally.

I told the Dr I would need to call our insurance company (thank goodness we have pet insurance!) and I would call her back. With moving and me taking a part time job, our finances have had to change and we are now on a pretty tight budget - getting her teeth cleaned in general was a splurge and not something we really had included so the fact that there was more made this even more stressful. Luckily, insurance would cover the xrays.

Another call from the Dr after xrays was devastating, the first x-ray was inconclusive and showed that her heart may, in fact, be large - BUT - Nola was not medicated and was highly stressed so maybe she was not still and the picture, therefore, not a clear indication. They decided to proceed with anesthesia and kept her heart monitored by EKG (and they administered atropine).

I called several times anxious about whether or not she was done and awake. Finally, a little after 1pm I got word that she was awake, had beautiful teeth, and a normal heart beat.

At 3:30 she was up walking around and had been out to potty. When I was able to get her an hour later, I met with the Dr and learned more about heart block and what it means. Thankfully, she thinks that Nola only has first degree heart block. Since she doesn't show any clinical signs, for her, it just means that any time she is under anesthesia, her heart will need to be monitored by EKG the entire time and she will probably need atropine. The Dr thinks that the second degree heart block was just stress, but to be sure, we will re-evaluate her in a few months.

American Heart has a page about heart block, it's the same for dogs, so if you're interested in reading more, click here. I am SO thankful that my big girl is okay. ...and that she has insurance to help cover the extra costs! And I'm thankful for SO many friends that know how much I love her and called, emailed, commented, texted me over these last few days. Thank you!

May 26, 2010

Say a prayer for Nola please.

She went to the dr this morning for a routine dental cleaning and her pre-op showed some abnormalities of her heart. More later, but please pray for her doctor and that Nola makes it through the procedure without problems. She will be monitored by EKG and will have atropine to keep her heart beating. We are waiting on xrays now per the cardiologist.

May 21, 2010

Google doesn't speak Spanish

... have you ever used Google's directory assistance? The number is 1-800-GOOG-411. I LOVE it and use it almost daily for one reason or another, it's free - did I mention that?

Anyway... it's one of those voice activated things and the guy says, "Calls recorded. Google; say the business then say the city and state."

Often, he doesn't pick up the business name so he'll say, "Just say the city and state." Once you say that he says, "Ok, now say the business name or category." Then you here these fun little noises while he searches...

So I call often enough that I know how to pronounce certain things, like today I was looking for Tweeds Lock and Key and the first time I said Tweeds Mr. Google thought I said pizza. Whaaa? Um, no.

When he asked me to repeat it I realized I didn't spit with I enunciated the "t" nor did I make a long "z" and the end of the word. After I spit and threw in the z, he got it and connected me to the right place.

Last week I needed guacamole - like, realllly needed it. I decided to call up Fajitas and get take out since it was late and everyone had already eaten.

Enter 1-800-GOOG - Mr. Google says, "Calls recorded. Google; say the business then say the city and state." I hesitated, then said, "Fajeetas, X, NC."

What did Mr. Google say, "Fajeetas Mexican Restaurant, you can say details or more results." "Hold on, I'll connect you." And then I placed my order - at Fajeetas Mexican Restaurant.

I don't think I'll ever say fajitas correctly again... Thanks Google.

May 20, 2010

Watch this video!

Or see it here if unable to view.

May 17, 2010

Some random bits

Random Bits of Unimportant Information (unless you are my husband, in which case I really love the below mentioned items and my birthday is one month from today)

-We went to Lowe's this past weekend and bought knock out roses, petunias, peony bulbs, and tomato plants for the back yard and then dug up some dead sod to make room for a little flower bed. I plan to upload some pictures tonight - I love the way it turned out!

-I am really loving this:

How cute is that?! The back has a different print and the inside is different too - at $68 I can assure you I won't be purchasing it (half off, maybe!) but it is sooo cute, I love it! Hm, wonder if I can find some similar fabric...maybe a Japanese print!

And this:

We had to run into Pottery Barn to pick up some curtains on Saturday and I saw this lamp shade. Is it not gorgeous?! I thought it was $29 and was going to splurge but I knew better so I asked the sales person and promptly returned it to its happy shelf - $49. Bummer. I already know where I would put it though - we have this little nook that leads into the master bedroom and I have an old chest there - it would be soooo pretty leading into that space, especially with the colors we have in there.

-Have you seen the new 'Single Ladies' video? The one from World of Dance's recent competition in which five girls no older than 9 or 10 dance to Beyonce's hit song? Oh man... most of the hype seems to be about their outfits - which aren't any worse than some of the jazz costumes I've seen or any ice skating or gymnastics ones - the problem I have is with the dancing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about dancing - I have no moves and zero rhythm but I have no problems with dancing - what they are doing, however, is NOT appropriate! The entire charade is just wrong. I'm being totally judgemental and can't help it - there is simply no reason why the person coaching those girls couldn't have found a more appropriate song for them to demonstrate their skills - Dr. Phil was interviewed by Anderson Cooper (love him, read his book, it's good - wow, his life...) and was quoted with a response of, "wildly inappropriate." I completely agree. Between the lyrics and the dance moves - I just cannot understand how people think there is nothing wrong with it. It's one thing to have a child see a popular artist and mimic them at home but for a competition - to have to practice and then to be on stage in front of THOUSANDS of people - COME ON! I'm not going to embed the video on my blog but it can be seen on YouTube here. They can absolutely dance, but they look ridiculous.

What do you think?

-I had a few more random thoughts but they've somehow disappeared after that last bit of info. I'll try to post some pictures of the flowers later tonight - and the give away books are being mailed tomorrow!

May 16, 2010

This is my solemn vow.

Our wedding was everything we wanted and more. We had a perfect weekend with family and friends and because there are no words to describe how much fun we had and how special it was, I'm just going to post a few photos friends sent to us.

May 14, 2010

By Faith

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

May 13, 2010


I haven't forgotten to mail books... PROMISE they will be in the mail before the end of next week... things have been hectic. I can't update much b/c the www company is doing some updates and cable/internet keep going spotty in and out. Just wanted to drop a note that I haven't forgotten about the books... or the blog! :)

Updates coming soon!!

May 4, 2010

In the middle of the Middle Road

I love his honesty, his integrity, and his deep love of Jesus. Moreover, I love his ability to reach thousands (hundreds of thousands) of people with the messages the Bible teaches. Often, I've found myself on the middle road. Ever been there? I traveled that road for a long, long time before I realized I was lost. Wow - what a way to look back and pull it all together - thanks Francis Chan. I'm on the right road now and am actually GOING SOMEWHERE after being stuck in the middle for so long. Can you relate?

Too many times I find myself questioning the RIGHT road because it's often longer and harder, but I've found that when I take it, the place to which it leads is wonderfully amazing and I would have never found it had I stayed on that middle road.

If you haven't read Crazy Love, please do. If you can't afford it, email me - I'd love to send you a copy no questions asked.

It changed me and challenged me to my core. I've read it several times and each time I find that I underline something new or tag a different page.

We made it!

Well, we made it! After a long six months of watching Tulip grow from a mound of dirt, we finally have our house. My parents came up on Saturday and took this picture for us. I have a ton more but my camera battery is dead and the charger is in a box somewhere. I am going to have to get creative with how to get the pictures off my card. I sense a trip to Walgreens coming soon!

We have a really great park right near our neighborhood - mom and I took a walk after lunch while the guys waited at home for the mattress to be delivered. There are lots of things to do there, tennis, trails, boat ramps, canoes for rent, big grassy areas for picnics, a playground...
Virginia already feels like home and for that, I am thankful! It was a long week of painting but I think it all came together nicely. We had no internet, which was incredibly painful for both of us (we are so spoiled!), but because of that soooo much got done.
I had three interviews while I was there. One would have been a really great job but there was a LOT of travel involved (cross country air travel, ack) and it was very clinical, moreso than what I am comfortable with considering I am not a RN. The second interview went really well too and I really, really want the job. It's an office with four other women and I get the impression that it will be a somewhat emotional decision based on which candidate fits the best with them. I think I had a strong interview and I'm really, really hopeful that I'll get a positive response. I would love your prayers that this is where I'm supposed to be and if it's not that I would have patience and wisdom to find my place in VA.
More pictures hopefully soon! :)


Have you heard of Booksneeze? Let me just pass on this little blessing! I've been meaning to post about it forever and obviously just remembered I hadn't done it yet! A friend emailed me about a book and it reminded me I needed to post - so...

Here's the deal, Thomas Nelson Publishing company has a nifty little program that they call Booksneeze. You 'apply' and then get to select books to read - for FREE! All you have to do is blog about it and post a review on a third party's site.

Simple right? How can you NOT jump all over this? I've gotten a few books from them already. Not all of the books I post about are because of this program, typically I've noted in my posts that I got the book from Thomas Nelson. From here on out, I'll continue to do that when it's a book from Booksneeze. Some I've really loved. I loooooove to read so this is a great program. Have you clicked yet?

What are you waiting for? Do it! I requested A Hole in the Gospel - anyone up for an unofficial book club?

May 3, 2010

If I Could Ask God Anything

I blog for many reasons, but one reason is that it helps me focus. Odd perhaps, but it works for me. I've shared a lot of my spiritual journey here and when Thomas Nelson had this book available through their book review program, I jumped at the chance to read through this one. It's target audience is children, but I've found that parts of the Bible can be pretty difficult to understand and I keep a children's Bible on my bookshelf for those times.

This book was really neat - a lot of the answers were presented in a way that everyone can understand. Many were basic and simple while others took a while to read through. All in all, it was a nice break down and I think it would be useful for someone who enjoys teaching others about Jesus and Christianity. Should you rush out to get it? Probably not, but it may make a nice reference item to keep on the shelf.

I think my next book will be A Hole in the Gospel. I've been wanting to read it and it's finally out in paperback!

What are you reading???
"Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it, but I'm afraid God would ask me the same question."
You don't change the world by trying to change the world; you change the world by changing yourself.
-Gerry Straub