May 21, 2010

Google doesn't speak Spanish

... have you ever used Google's directory assistance? The number is 1-800-GOOG-411. I LOVE it and use it almost daily for one reason or another, it's free - did I mention that?

Anyway... it's one of those voice activated things and the guy says, "Calls recorded. Google; say the business then say the city and state."

Often, he doesn't pick up the business name so he'll say, "Just say the city and state." Once you say that he says, "Ok, now say the business name or category." Then you here these fun little noises while he searches...

So I call often enough that I know how to pronounce certain things, like today I was looking for Tweeds Lock and Key and the first time I said Tweeds Mr. Google thought I said pizza. Whaaa? Um, no.

When he asked me to repeat it I realized I didn't spit with I enunciated the "t" nor did I make a long "z" and the end of the word. After I spit and threw in the z, he got it and connected me to the right place.

Last week I needed guacamole - like, realllly needed it. I decided to call up Fajitas and get take out since it was late and everyone had already eaten.

Enter 1-800-GOOG - Mr. Google says, "Calls recorded. Google; say the business then say the city and state." I hesitated, then said, "Fajeetas, X, NC."

What did Mr. Google say, "Fajeetas Mexican Restaurant, you can say details or more results." "Hold on, I'll connect you." And then I placed my order - at Fajeetas Mexican Restaurant.

I don't think I'll ever say fajitas correctly again... Thanks Google.

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