Nov 28, 2010

'Tis the season

So we decked the halls...

...and woke sleeping beauty in the process.

I don't recall having a tree topper last year.  I have two, an angel and a star, but neither appealed to me last year and so I decided to buy a bow this year.  Went to Michael's and was surprised that they had pre-made bows... for $50!!!  Nothankyou.  We ended up at Target where I scored 100 feet of silver wired ribbon for $10 and made my own.  It's no Michael's bow, but it certainly works.  After using the cuttings from the tree for the mantle, I've decided to try to find some fake green pieces on sale after Christmas for next year's mantle.  I loooove a live tree, but the needles get everywhere and it's oddly more difficult to keep the hardwood floor as clean as carpet - go figure.  I also want to put some green on the banister by the stairs, which I'm not doing with live cuttings (are they still 'live' when they're cut?) because it was be a mess!  We have lots of extra lights so we'll add those to the banister next year too. 

Still deciding what to do about a wreath.  A friend makes gorgeous wreaths with chunky ribbon that I could see adding some ornaments to for a really cute look, but I also have a fabric wreath in mind so not sure which one I'll go with yet... hoping to decide by the weekend.  Stockings are another item on the to-do list.  I have some purple ones with bells but those aren't doing it for me... I found cute green and red ones with snowflakes that are pretty reasonable but nothing for baby boy yet - I should probably forget the whole matchy-matchy thing and just go with what I've found.  So wreath and stockings - TBD.

We've had Pandora streaming Christmas music ALL day - dinner's in the oven and apple pie is in our future....

Side note on THANKFUL - four of my friends are newly pregnant!!!  YAY for babies!!!  Dare I mention four friends and FIVE babies?  Although... still waiting to find out if it could be SEVEN babies!  2011 is going to be a fun year for sure!!!


Jill Foley said...

laughing because when I "decluttered" and "minimized" my decorations, I got rid of all the greens for my mantel and staircases! They are beautiful, but they take up so much storage space!

Your home looks beautiful.

brittanywest said...

I am soooooooo jealous. :-( it looks really pretty girl

Bobbie said...

$50 for pre made bows? Yipes!! My tree topper is not appealing to me today either and I wanted a new one too but will be avoiding the pre made bows!

Rebekah said...

It looks great! I love fake greenery - you have it every year! I miss the smell of "live" trees and greens though. I guess I could burn an evergreen candle! LOL

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very pretty!

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