Dec 1, 2010

TIBS - Week 30

 Week 30

...otherwise known as the week the belly took on a life of its own.  

Let's just have a comparison from only 8 days ago:

...and Monday

In addition to some monstrous growth this week, there have also been new challenges on the 'things-no-one-tells-you' front... like how difficult it is to not only put socks and shoes on, but um, undies/pants and anything else that requires leg lifting.  To most it would seem an obvious challenge at some point, but consider me blonde for a moment.  Sorry blondies - you know I love you.  Dearly.  Deeply.  Also somewhat unsettling... when you sit and your belly rests on your legs.  I should have seen this one coming.  First it was boobs on belly - yuck.  No me gusta.  Not one bit.  Belly on the legs?  Worse - much worse.  Colostrum - TMI?  Yeah, we'll leave it at that then.  Braxton Hicks - check.  Thankfully mild and only rarely.  Next up - might he be transverse?  TBD on Tuesday.  Hopefully not!  Even though we still have ~10 weeks before birth and he could move, let's be real here - more time = less space and less space = less movement.  I can figure that out.  There's quite a list of TMI, but I'll save it for the journal and shield you from the innermost truths.  

On a less uncomfortable note ;) no stretch marks (whoo to the hoo!).  The everyday routine is Lubriderm after a shower (AM/PM, cleanliness is next to godliness) followed by Palmer's concentrated.  So while I go through about a tube of Palmer's each week and a bottle of Lube every two to three weeks, it's been well worth it.  I have, however, heard that most silver stripes come in the last couple of weeks so I'm not totally holding my breath.  At least I haven't had any itchy or sore skin.  I have developed 'the line' and there's a pretty fun design around the button, but overall I can't complain (unless I called you Monday, then disregard and consider that I've moved on!).  


Anonymous said...

You look great, Ginger!

GinH said...

Thanks Anonymous. :)

Jill Foley said...

And sex? Oh wait...that would really be TMI.

Are you laughing? : )

GinH said...

Yes Jill! :D I almost wrote a tell-all TMI with a disclosure at the beginning, then decided against it. For the baby's sake, of course... because I'm sure that in 18 years I'll have the blog - ha!

Mommy S said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your blogs? I agree with SO much! Sometimes when I sit in a chair at a desk, I sit on the edge, lean forward on my elbows and spread my knees a little ... my belly just hangs down. Looks strange I'm sure, but it feels pretty good when she's pressed between my ribs and bladder. I could totally write a TMI blog too. Haven't had the colostrum though. And I've done nothing to prevent stretch marks and have gotten them in the past from sudden weight gain pre-pregnancy. However, with pregnancy (now at 33 weeks), one tiny stretch mark. And, the itchy belly just really started this week, so that may start changing. You still look great, but that is a very obvious change. Every week, I have someone at work now that says "OMG! You've really grown since last week!" Get ready for everyone to ask if there is just one baby in there. That's one of the most aggravating questions I get.

~K~ said...

You seriously are absolutely beautiful, always have been and your pregnancy only makes you more so Gin!

Shelley said...

I've loved using Burts Bee's Mamma Bee belly balm to prevent yucky stretch marks.

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