Dec 16, 2010

Frosty day!

This was my commute home today... I anticipated leaving when the snow started, but apparently no one mentioned BLIZZARD and in just an hour, this is what the interstate looked like.  Yuck.  What normally takes me 20-30 minutes took about an hour and everyone was going 20mph.  Once on secondary roads I pulled over twice to let men in SUVs pass me because they were following a little too close for comfort. Overall though, everyone was -thankfully- very cautious.  I did see three emergency vehicles with lights flashing, two cars in ditches, and one wreck.  Not fun at all!  Chandler got home around noon and we've enjoyed the fireplace, naps, sewing, and cleaning!

Someone LOVES the snow... as soon as I told her it snowed she started running around whining until I could get my coat and shoes on to take her out.  If her paws weren't so sensitive we would have stayed out longer.

Does this count as baby boy's first second snow?

I swear I'm bigger today than I was on Monday when I last took the infamous belly shot.

There's MORE snow coming on Saturday night and potentially on Tuesday.  I've had ENOUGH of this!  We have fun weekend plans I will not be a happy camper to have to change plans.  We're hoping the roads will clear up... I'm such a wuss driving in inclement weather and now that bino is in tow, I'm even more cautious... come on SUN!


Mommy S said...

According to Thommy, the snows experienced by those in the womb don't count. But with a Feb due date, he'll probably get his first snow pretty soon anyway. As will Abigail :)

GinH said...

I'm thinking that with 14" now we might have to consider that he's at his 3rd snow! And at this rate they will BOTH have some snow in their first few weeks of life!! Let's just hope we can be at HOME for it and now on the road heading to deliver!

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