Dec 14, 2010

Suds and Zzz's

As we unpacked miniature blankets, socks, pants, and other small people goods - I realized it was difficult to put each item away still in the package, which led to taking them out of the packages, which led to the bed bug phenomena, which led to paranoia, which led to lots of baby laundry.
That's a lie.  It was only two loads.  One for clothes and one for blankets and towels.  So not lots.  

We only washed the small sizes since I wasn't THAT excited about more laundry - although, folding it was much less dreadful than regular laundry.  Note that it still wasn't 'fun' - I'm just not that girl.

This girl on the other hand... no help at all.  After all the washing and folding, the bed was made and someone decided it was nap time.  Too bad that wasn't me.  I already miss sleep and I know that it's only going to get worse in the coming weeks - ack!  We're ready though!

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Mommy S said...

folding itty bitty laundry is SO much more fun than regular laundry. for now at least. when it's not necessary because we're out of clean clothes.

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