Dec 30, 2010

The wheels on the...

City Elite (L), City Micro (R)
After exploring several options, we finally decided on a stroller.  You can read about that here.  We started looking when I was only 13 weeks along (wow, I was tiny then - cannot WAIT to get back into my summer clothes - don't tell me it won't happen either!).
The main stroller criteria:
-comfort for the boy
-ability go off-road
-good suspension
-easy to fold/travel
-sturdy, to last through future child(ren)
-ability to face either way
-somewhat light weight
-reasonably priced

After checking around, we determined that Baby Jogger's City Elite was going to be the best option for us.  We called them to ask some questions and basically confirm that this was the right stroller for  our lifestyle.  We looked at the City Select because it had so many configurations and could accommodate a second seat for another child, but it lacked the off-road ability, which was a major factor in our selection.  The Elite will allow a child to face the parent with the infant seat attachment (we haven't ordered that yet), so not exactly what we were originally looking for, but the other features make up for it.  It's also not very 'light weight,' but again, it has everything else we were looking for... Overall, I am LOVING it.  And it will be perfect for Spring as I start the quest to get back into my pants! :)

You also may remember the first stroller we bought - City Micro.  We felt like we needed something a little more compact and more geared for indoors - we really liked the easy fold of the City series so we stuck with it and got the Micro.  The differences are obvious:

 The Micro is as basic as basic gets in the City series making it a true 'umbrella' stroller.  The wheels are standard plastic - Elite has foam filled tires that won't go flat or shred on pavement; the footrest doesn't flip up; the sunshade is minimal; nothing is adjustable... it's basic.  So basic in fact, that we have it listed on CraigsList.  We originally thought it would be the perfect second stroller, but after seeing the Elite we are thinking we'll trade up for the Mini to replace the Micro.  It's a little more $ than the Micro, but let's face it - I like to shop and there's a good possibility OP could be in this indoor/second stroller for more than he'd like and anything I can do to make him more comfortable will surely be helpful.

If you're looking for a great stroller without a lot of bells and whistles, let me know!  The infant seat adapter piece is separate - we haven't ordered it yet.  The Micro also doesn't lounge all the way back so if you have an infant you'd need that adaptor to use with a baby <6 months.

So that's our stroller sitch in a nutshell.

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