Dec 23, 2010

Smiley Boy!!

We have a smiley boy on our hands!  He only opened his eyes a couple of times and kept his left arm up beside his face most of the time, but overall we got some good face pictures.  I was ready to jump up and down to get him to wake up and move, but we didn't want him to move and not get to see his face so we had a quiet few minutes with him.  He smiled at least a dozen times - SO sweet to see!  He is head down (yay!), and since we saw his exact position, I realized that his elbows are what I feel so sharply!

In some of these, his nose looks a little flat - apparently he likes to snuggle and was smushed against me! Cute!  He moved a couple of times and we got a not smushed nose, but for most of the pictures we have smushage.

 Tongue!  This was a really cute moment - the tech who did the sonogram was talking to him (loudly!) and baby boy did not care for her voice - his face was SOOOO funny!  This was the end face, but his entire face had wrinkles - really a funny moment!

50 days to go - I'm not counting or anything...


pippasmum said...

So sweet! I'm so excited for you!

Jill Foley said...

wow...these pictures are amazing! I never saw pictures that good of my girls.

Mommy S said...

SO COOL! He's a cutie! Isn't technology amazing? Thanks for sharing!

Emily Erin said...

So glad that you were able to see his face! I am sure that Grandma was tickled pink!

GinH said...

Thanks girls - we're really excited - although this has made me even MORE ready!! :D

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