Dec 26, 2010

Fast Forward

Fast forward a few weeks... 
 ...and this is what we'll look like.
Until then, we borrowed Henry!  (aka Baby Ching)

A couple weeks ago my BFF, Ching, and her mom visited and we got to see her sweet baby Henry (7 weeks old).  They brought lots of goodies for us - my favorite was this CozyUp infant seat zipper thing - you must purchase if you have a winter baby due!
 LOVE him!
 Is he seriously not the cutest?!  I can't wait for the Ching babies to meet and be the best Ching Buddies -  because we know they will be!!

As a side note, I've been asked quite often how Nola will act (or rather, react!) when little brother comes home. 
I think she'll be just fine! She will have her moments as any first child, but I think she'll be a good big puppy sister!  She thought Henry smelled delicious, but keeping in her perfect almost perfect fashion, she never smooched him - I'm expecting her to give lots of nuzzles to little brother, especially after he nurses.

Thanks for coming to visit us Henry!!!


Nellie Dee said...

Oh precious. That's a cute post idea too. (My daughter is like 20 weeks now too.)
Glad I didn't miss anything. It scared me at first.

GinH said...

I didn't know she was expecting - that is SO exciting!! ha, nope, didn't miss anything :) Henry and our baby will only be a few months apart so we're really excited about getting them together!

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