Dec 30, 2010

TIBS - Week 34

 Week 34
Six weeks to go!  One the one hand, it's been SO fast - but on the other hand, come on already!  After our 3D last week I am SO ready to meet this boy!  He may have an identity crisis before he's three months old, but he's sure to be cute!  He started as Gilgamesh Methuselah but we had to announce his real name, Paxton, before 'Baby Gil' stuck with us.  From the beginning, we've had differing opinions on the middle name.  We discussed a couple options and even tried hyphenating two choices before finally calling it quits on both.  I probably could have had my choice in the matter, but I wanted Chan to be happy with his child's name and the initials of my choice didn't sit right with him.  There was only one other name we agreed on and we decided to go with it.  Without further ado, baby boy will be:

Oliver Paxton

There were several reasons we moved Paxton to the middle, and while we'd always planned to call him Paxton - after seeing his face last week, I can't help but call him Baby Ollie.  SO... all this to say, we're not really sure what he'll go by - Pax or Ollie.  Either are possible.  We've been calling him Ollie Pax most recently - and before you even say it, yes our child is part human part pharmaceutical.  I'm to the point of not caring.  Truly.  And we'll definitely pick one or the other when he's here.  More times than not, he's just Ollie - but I consciously add Pax to the end just in case he looks more like a Paxton and we choose that name... TMI on the naming?  You can thank me for providing the short version and I'll thank you for still being here as I rambled on :)

In other news...

-OP gets hiccups on average, twice each day - once in the morning and then again in the late afternoon or evening.

-Still no stretch marks, no itchy belly, and still LOTS of concentrated Palmers.

-Stroller arrived yesterday so the only item we lack is the swing and when we went to get it they'd sold out and I refuse to pay full price so next time there's a 20% Babies R Us coupon, I'm on it!


Mommy S said...

Ollie Pax is soooo cute. You'll know what to call him when you see him. Oh, and I didn't start with the itchy belly or stretch marks til week 35/36. Every day, they are worsening. The cluster right beside my belly button actually HURTS. I'd never heard of stretch marks being painful. I hope you manage to stay stretch mark free! Meanwhile, I'll wear them as badges of honor :)

Jill Foley said...

Love the name, but I've already told you that!

Praying you stay stretch mark free :)

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