Dec 13, 2010

'Big Red' Bible

Some time ago, I requested Thomas Nelson's 'Big Red' Children's Bible.  I took some time to flip through and read different sections as I wasn't familiar with the children's translation.  I loved that it was simple to read and understand, but was a little disappointed in the overall Bible as it was '3D' and holographic... but it was not really.  There were a few glittery pictures, but I'd imagined a little more in terms of images.  Baby boy has two children's Bible's - one from my friend Jill and another from his Great Aunt Jean, so this will be a great one for him to have when he's a little older.  I would really like to see this one made into a chronological form because I have so enjoyed my paperback chronological Bible - but that's something I'll have to keep an eye out for in the future.  For some reason the picture won't load, but here's a link to it on Amazon's site.

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