Dec 14, 2010

TIBS - Week 32

Week 32

It's hard to believe we have less than TWO months before baby boy arrives and we are definitely ready to meet him!  We have just about everything ready and I am SO excited to share his nursery!!!  There are a few things left to do before I post pictures, but it's so much more than I imagined it would be and I love it!

We have also finalized his name - of his first and middle name, we aren't sure which we'll use. Not sure if anyone noticed that he's just been 'baby boy' for the past few weeks :)  Paxton is still part of his name, but it's his middle name.  We went back and forth over a middle name - there was a family name on my side that I thought was beautiful with Paxton, but the initials didn't sit right with Chandler (PPH), so we came up with an alternate that we both liked - only, several family members decided to vocalize how much they didn't like it.  We still like the name and may use it in the future, but decided to skip it this time.  There was another name we'd originally considered and both liked and while it doesn't sound anywhere near as nice as the family name I liked, it's what we're using and I am SO relieved to be done with that!  We had quite the name crisis for a while.  I know Chan would have let me use the family name, but I wanted him to love the name as much as I did and he just didn't.

In other news, Christmas is right around the corner!  We've had snow TWICE this month and I wouldn't be surprised if we had one more day of it - very rare for us and a nice treat!


Mommy S said...

SOOOOOO what's the first name?!?! Oh, and I noticed the whole "baby boy" thing but didn't think twice about it.

GinH said...

Just messaged you :)

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