Sep 17, 2010

Rollin' in my 5.0...

Or wait, that was Vanilla Ice....

Finding the right stroller proved to be one of the biggest challenges for baby gear yet. Who'd of thought?! I mentioned a while back that I'd share our final decision - so...

We wanted a stoller that was easy to fold, could be indoor or outdoor, would lie flat to support an infant without a seat, had sufficient padding, was reversible, and one that was less than 20lbs.

After looking at dozens of strollers, we realized that there was no one perfect stroller. We were almost sold on the Britax B-Ready. We loved that there was a second seat option and it folded nicely, but the wheels lost us - plastic.

We reazlied we'd have to give up something - our stroller did not exist! We decided to give up the reversible part. That means that for baby to face us, we'll have to use an infant seat. Not the end of the world and while we'll spend more in the long hall by having to buy two seats instead of one, as planned, at least we can get a stroller that is perfect for us. What stroller was that again?

Mom and I went to Baby Brewster's shower a few weeks ago and per some good advice we checked out the uber cool and highly popular City Mini. It was love. I kid you not. BUT - it still lacked the right tires, so.... Enter City Elite!

It is literally - PERFECT. Quick fold (ridiculously quick fold), less than 20lbs, great tires (foam filled forever tires that won't chip away like plastic or go flat), basically, you name it - it's got it. We LOOOOOVE it! Well, we don't exactly have it yet, but it's the one. The ultiamte holy grail of strollers for us - and we are SO excited - definitely more than typical over a stroller. Did you see that sun shade?! It's killer. Or anti-killer, however you choose to see sun exposure ;)

Everyone should have an umbrella stroller for running around, right? So we found the City Micro for super cheap thanks to the fact that it's being discontinued (all parts are compatible with the Elite!) and an gift card from Blue Cross Blue Shield and my old employer (thank you PCHD!). It's basically a super scaled down version of our main stroller. The wheels are plastic, the base is narrow, the seat isn't as padded, and the sun shade barely exists. BUT - it's perfect for quick trips to the mall, Target, B&N, and all other indoor places where we will need the narrow wheel base for manuvering between isles and the sun won't be a problem. AND it's really a spending control measure since there's not much space for storage underneath! :) Sneaky huh?!

All in all, we're pretty pumped about our stroller choices. The Micro arrived several weeks ago and if you haven't checked out the video on Baby Jogger's website - do it! You will so fall in love with this thing. Really any of the strollers in City's line. They all have the same fold mechanism and it's genius. Seriously.

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