Sep 19, 2010

Half Baked Baby

That's right, a new HAI shirt - 'limited edition,' but I could get a price if you were dying to have one :) I think it's the best yet, it's super soft and best of all, I can wear it!
Not an official weekly update, but we realized that today marked our half way week and I decided that called for a fun post! 20 WEEKS! Hard to believe. We spent the first few months waiting for Bino to look human and suddenly he not only looks like a little person, he is starting to hear, has hair, is moving around, and can suck his thumb. AND we know he's a HE!

Still hard to believe he's a boy, but I'm over that! I realized while reading a pregnant people message board... several people mentioned that they were told one sex early on (15-17 weeks) and then found out it was actually the opposite sex when they had the anatomy scan weeks later. My first thought was, 'Oh it could still be a girl!' Immediately after that, I realized that I would mourn the little boy I thought I was having - at that moment, I realized how excited I was to have a sweet baby boy! And since I always thought I'd have girls (for some reason having a boy was never an option, ha!), it's fun having a boy because it really is something new and surprising. Not that being pregnant isn't new, but ... well, nevermind ... no one ever gets my thinking! ha!
What's new now that we're HALF WAY into the baby growing process... ???
For starters, I'm a MEDIUM now. Before you say it, DON'T. Being a medium is FINE, it's just that when you're used to wearing a size 5 shoe and suddenly need a size 7, it's weird, right? So same thing with always being a small. Behold the truth:

SMALL shirt! Yeah, it's small alright!
Another thing I've noticed is I catch myself waddling slightly. I thought it was weird since I'm so small still and tried to correct my walking, but I just end up walking funny again. Last night as we were walking around the neighborhood I realized that it was my hips. Duh, right? I could feel them moving differently - so that was a relief. All this time I thought I was just weird, but good to know it's legit. My belly button has just started to change. It's not as deep and my belly has gotten much harder. Pax no longer resides on my right side and has taken to kicking either on my left or in the middle. Chandler felt him move for the first time on Sister's birthday, Sept. 10th.
Most days I still don't 'feel' pregnant. It's still very surreal to me. My belly is small and his movement isn't yet strong enough to hurt, so every now and again I find myself wondering why we have so many baby things in the house. I started measuring my belly a week ago and I've not grown since then so I expect to have a growth spurt soon! Baby usually moves early in the morning and late at night, but sometimes I'll have something really sweet and then lie on the couch just for fun! I wonder if I do that enough in a couple months that he'll be too tired to move around all night and will actually sleep when I sleep... Hmm... Sounds too easy.
All in all, now that the all day sick is gone, things have been smooth sailing. Let's hope the second half is the same!


Jill Foley said...

You are still teeny!!! I was XL by 20 weeks : )

Love the shirt...I might need one.

GinH said...

You couldn't be XL! I don't believe it... Kevin will have to post more old pictures, ha!

What size shirt? (I'm wearing a L)

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