Sep 6, 2010

TIBS - Week 17

The Infamous Belly Shot - gone RETRO! I've had fun with the belly pants lately... see exhibit A:

Week 17
...and since I'm SO slow in posting week 17, below is 17.5 weeks :)

Growing daily... so much so that I think I'm going to start measuring - no joke! I swear there was one day last week that I grew DURING the day. I've had some fun conversations lately, the first was two weeks ago at a cafeteria in the mall, a random person asked when I was due - it was the first time a stranger had openly acknowledged that I was knocked up. Second convo was at work last week. The guy who runs an office supply store that our clinic orders from came by to go over some things and as I was talking to him he asked if there was anything new. I said something like no, not really, just busy working on some grants and committee reports... a few minutes later I walked over to another person's office where he was and he asked again, 'really, nothing new?' I just looked at him funny and said again, noooo not really - but my co-worker said, 'oh well she just found out she's having a baby boy.' He immediately threw his hands up and said, 'I KNEW it - I knew you were pregnant!' LOL It was funny... 'err, sorry?' He explained that his wife was pregnant (they're due late Oct.) and he's learned to tread very lightly... as I laughed and walked away he said, 'well had I seen you from the side I would have known...' Nice.
This past weekend we went home for the football game - it was the BEST game ever. (Yes, totally EVER! We were losing by ONE touchdown and it was one of those 'going to take a miracle' type games... well our guy CAUGHT the BALL during the LAST second of the game and we won - it was amazing... I'll have to post the clip from YouTube later...) Mom and sister and I went to the outlets and I had high hopes for Gymboree and Carters... Gymboree was a total let down, but Carters had some good sales. There was also a Motherhood there so I popped in to get jeans - and actually FOUND some! I went up to a medium so the belly part would fit. The smalls fit perfect but I could tell the belly would be tight next month when I really needed to wear them so medium it was.
As I was checking out I said something about fitting into them and the girl said something about how great it was that I finally didn't feel fat. Um, excuse me? I did not say anything about feeling fat. Ever. Nor have I felt fat. NEVER EVER during this entire experience have I had the 'fat' feeling. Sure my belly may have just looked like a beer gut, but did that mean I felt like it was? Absolutely NOT! I was so irritated and as a woman I couldn't believe that she would assume such. I have LOVED my body during pregnancy. Naturally I hated feeling sick but I have loved my physical body every single step of the way. Even when my waist disappeared (for the most part), I still love my body. Sigh.
I am SO looking forward to getting a bigger belly so when people ask when I'm due I can look at them with a straight face and say, 'I'm not pregnant!' Just to have some fun!!! I highly doubt I can keep it going without telling them our due date and laughing but I'm ready to have some fun with this!!! :)


Nellie Dee said...

Ha. That was too funny! It's truly wonderful that you haven't felt fat. There used to be a t-shirt that said, "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant". Or the one with the arrow pointing down to "baby". But I love your plan to say, "I'm not pregnant!" That's great.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the I'm not pregnant stories, that is too funny! You are looking good girl, pregnancy looks good on you!

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