Aug 29, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Laurie Wisburn discontinued one of her original lines and I jumped at the chance to order during her last-chance a few weeks ago. Was I even pregnant then?! I don't even remember... but I ordered just in case we had a baby boy. I'd originally thought the fabric would make a great nursery but it's waaay too thin and it was really expensive for just five fat quarters, so that idea was out and I decided that a boy blanket was a MUST, so... here's a sneak at what I've put together this weekend. I think it might be my most favorite blanket yet - even moreso than some of the pink ones (gasp!) :)

Here's a few things Bino has accumulated - some were gifts, some were things I'd bought years ago (2003, yes - really! Thank goodness I picked up a couple boy things in my all-girl collection of baby things!) - the stroller will have its own post shortly, and the books have been collected for quite a while.

We went to a new mall today that had a lot of great children's shops, Gymboree, Baby Gap, Crazy8, Old Navy, etc... we actually only bought things at Gymboree because they had a TON of really cute stuff on sale with an additional 20%. I'll have to take a picture of the new items later this week. And it's GymBucks time in case anyone hasn't been in a while!


Britt :) said...

That blanket is adorable! I think you will find just as many cute boy stuff, and if you can't... you'll make it!

- B said...

First, I'm SO excited for you guys! Little boys are AWESOME. My baby brother just turned 9 over the weekend and it keeps getting better. I hope to have one (or two) myself one day.

Very nice blanket! You're so talented. I could never do that kinda stuff.

I used to get clothes for my baby sis and bro from Gymboree when they were that little. It's got some of the best clothes. Also, The Children's Place is great too!

Anonymous said...

The blanket is great, the fabric is adorable - you did an awesome job! The boy goody pile is growing fast, so exciting!

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