Aug 17, 2010

Today's fruit... er, necklace!

I have a little obsession with Lisa Leonard. I have three of her necklaces and love (LOVE) them all. This is my favorite, probably because I chose the wording and it's very special to me. A reminder of sorts. :) She came out with a gorgeous stone necklace recently and I fell in love with it. I loved that she layered it with her other pieces and I had to have it. Only, with all of the changes that are coming our way, some that I'm not even able to post about yet, I just couldn't justify spending money on something like that. Enter - Michaels! There is nothing fancy about the necklace I wanted - it's pretty simple. So... instead of $44 + $8.55 shipping, I spent $16.34 and made my own! Less than half of the price... and I LOVE how it turned out. I plan to wear it to work tomorow and the best thing about it is that while it's colored, it's also pretty neutral so it will go with SO many things!


brittanywest said...

love it!!! make me one for my bday! :-)

brittanywest said...

and really, you have 3 of her necklaces?? holy cow!

GinH said...

yes and i just remembered the gift amount you gave me that i haven't used yet, hmmm! maybe i made this too soon!

pippasmum said...

It's lovely and you know how much I like Lisa's stuff!

Necklace said...

Looking very stylish. I think these are the most demand full necklace for today's market. Thanks a lot!

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