Aug 11, 2010

Bino's debut!

Not technically a 'debut' since we did share Bino's first picture... but Bino was just a wee tadpole then and now Bino is a teeny tiny baby!

Chandler thinks this 4D picture looks like Nola since the nose/mouth looks like a muzzle. Hm, not sure about that, but if so, it's sure to be the cutest baby ever born because my big girl is beyond preciously adorable. I would squeeze a few more adjectives in there, but I fear I may lose you... ;)
Bino is measuring large. So large, in fact, that today's visit was for the nuchal translucency scan, and it couldn't be done as baby was too big. It's no indication of birth weight though, that was naturally my next question! We had an awesome sonographer who spent about half an hour 'playing' and showing us baby's brain, heart, bones, etc... pointing out different things. It was neat to see the stomach and all of the tiny finger bones. Baby was moving around a lot, but didn't let us get a good peak between the legs so we're still not sure if we have Bino or Bina. Despite not being able to have the fold measured, Sally, our sonographer, did say that she felt like all was well based on what she'd seen in the past. We weren't overly concerned since we are very low risk, but definitely better safe than sorry.

Aside from learning Bino is healthy, the best part about today was that since no 'test' was performed, we didn't have to pay a thing! They ripped up our forms and gave our consent back so we are pretty sure we got a free session with six or seven pictures!

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