Aug 2, 2010


I lost my waist this week. I knew it was coming but BAM, just like that? Seriously? Oh well. I guess Bino is just getting bigger and needs more room. We spent the weekend in NC and I got to have lunch with some of my favorite girls at one of my favorite places - what could be better than that?!

White pants. White pants come awfully close to that. In the summer, I live in white pants. If you know me, think back... white pants. At least three times a week. I do, I wear them a lot. I have four pair that I rotate but really two that I wear most. Since the 7 week bulge that would later be a super sized uterus, I've been out of white pants. In fact, I only got to wear them one time since Bino was in the making.

At 8 weeks I was out of most all of my pants (minus two pair that were a little big anyway) and I really had no interest in the belly bands. Today, I broke down and while I haven't worn it yet - I cannot wait to wear white pants tomorrow. This just opens a WHOLE NEW WORLD of wardrobe possibilities. I'm just a little excited about my white pants!!!

... and just in case there's anyone newly preggo out there reading this, buy this book. It has been, hands down, my most favorite thing pregnancy related (minus zofran, that might always be #1 - thank you Jesus for giving people knowledge to create that stuff!). It's especially fun for during the first few months when there are sooo many changes and you watch your baby grow from a blastocyst to a dinosaur and finally into a somewhat cute looking tiny human. I am so, so glad I splurged on this book. Thankfully, I can use the parents' discount card at B&N, otherwise it had a hefty $40 price tag. It is SO worth it though - daily pictures and info about what's going on with baby and really good, up-to-date information about diagnostics and screenings too.

Another favorite, can't-sleep-without is this enormous pillow I found at the mall. It's amazing. Having never had a belly (or boobs!) before, this giant fluff is perfect for all the right places. It goes on my list of favorites for sure.

In other news, have I mentioned how busy August is going to be?! There is SO much going on...


Emily Erin said...

Have you gotten yourself a "Belly Book"? They're so much fun to keep track of week by week the changes in your body...

~NCKayakerchick said...

I don't think there has ever been a cuter pregnant woman. Seriously!

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