Aug 11, 2010

Meet Oliver

Bet you thought we were having a boy and that was his name, didn't you? I do like that name for a boy, but we won't use it... it sounds funny with our last name ;) And we really didn't find out what the baby was today...

This is Oliver...
He's not our cat, but he comes to eat the food we leave him on our porch every day. We think he lives in the 'woods' in the empty lots across the street. He doesn't let us get too close, but I think he's very cute and it's fun to try and guess when he'll stop by for a snack.

By the way, he might be a girl. Oliver could be a girl name too.

1 comment:

Kitten said...

He reminds me of the little kitty from the movie "Oliver and Company". Is that where you got the name?

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