Aug 5, 2010

TIBS - Week 13

Week 13
Baby gear research is driving me crazy - too many options and rarely do you find something that has it all. Some things are done: Ergo w/ infant insert, Medela pump, Britax car seat, a few other smallish things, etc... but the biggest drive-me-crazy factor is the stroller. I don't even have it narrowed down. Messy, messy lists... the biggest question is, since we are not going to use an infant seat, is how important is it to us that we have a reversible stroller (i.e. baby can face you or the world). If that is not important then we're looking at City Mini and Joovy Kooper. If it is important we're looking at Peg Perego's Pliko Switch and Britax's B-Ready. I also like Bumbleride's Indie as it seems like a nice combination of semi-light weight combined with compactability (all things considered), and would be an all-in-one that wouldn't require a BOB down the road.
Anyone know of a good reversible stroller? We found a really cool Maxi Cosi, the Foray, and we loved it, but the seat doesn't fold and the basket underneath hit the wheels.


Jill Foley said...

I didn't have a reversible stroller and I think my girls turned out just fine! : ) I had a Jeep stroller and loved it.

It's very easy to go overboard with all the baby gear. I found myself very overwhelmed. I ended up asking 3 or 4 of my experienced friends what their "top 10" baby must-haves were.

You might regret forgoing the infant there someone you can borrow one from? When they are itty-bitty, it's so nice to be able to pick up the carrier and transport them that way - especially if they are sleeping. Britax is a great choice, though. We didn't get one for Syd, but did get one for Kay and it was totally worth the extra $$.

Britt :) said...

Don't know much about baby gear... but I've heard from everyone at work that they LOVE their Medela pump. Good luck sorting through all the fun stuff!!!!

pippasmum said...

Wow, you have really popped! How exciting!

I'm with Jill, you might want a bucket car seat for the first year or so. We bought a travel system (the Graco Snugride) and we really liked it. When a baby is not a good sleeper and falls asleep in the car, it's really nice to not have to take him or her out of the seat to get him or her into the house. Do you think you are going to be a big stroller user? We never bought anything sophisticated - the travel system and then a jogging stroller. Now, we have a Joovy Caboose which is wonderful with two, although I have been told you can get a stroller board to convert most strollers. I haven't tried that. The thing with strollers is that you can spend obscene amounts of money... it just depends on how much you will use it, I guess.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Ergo but I didn't start using it until a bit later. We use a Sleepywrap for Baby Bean and love it. The Ergo is great for hiking, etc. and is easy to put on.

Emily said...

LOVE my Ergo--still use it sometimes! LOVE my BOB......
You look great!

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