Sep 30, 2010

Must eat...

Aside from Dole's Orange Peach Mango juice, red grapes, and Eggo waffles - THIS is a must eat in the house lately...

DELISH.  Chandler mentioned wanting key lime pie last weekend, which led me to the jello/cool whip pie... we'd gotten enough cool whip for two pies (I needed a strawberry too!), only after I read the recipe for chocolate pie on the top of the cool whip container, it was all over...

Since you may not have cool whip in the fridge to get the recipe, here's what you'll need:
-2 small boxes of instant chocolate pudding
-1.5 c milk
-1 container cool whip
-graham cracker crust

Mix pudding and milk.  Once well blended, add half container of cool whip until it's all smooth and chocolatey.  Fold into pie crust, top with the remaining half of cool whip - voila!  It's the easiest pie ever and tastes SO good!

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brittanywest said...

bring some more next weekend! :-)

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