Sep 30, 2010

TIBS - Week 21

Week 21

Highlights from this week: baby hiccups!  We can now feel and see him moving! 
We had an ultrasound today, but I'm too lazy to scan the pictures tonight.  Bino is still a boy and he weighs 1lbs now!  His heart, brain, liver, stomach, kidneys, and bones all look great!  We were supposed to have two appointments today, one with the ultrasound tech and one with our midwife, but she had two deliveries this morning so we had to reschedule for next Tuesday.  I think I've gained 10lbs since May; I should find out for sure next week.  I still can't believe we have less time to go - four months, that's it.  It's been five and that has gone by SO fast, I just can't believe that there are only four months left.  I ordered some books that had been on my list to read and they should arrive sometime in the next couple of days.  It occurred to me that if I didn't read them NOW, I probably wouldn't have a chance for quite a while!

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