Sep 17, 2010

TIBS - Week 19

Week 19
Pax is sure to be a black belt at birth - he moves frequently now and has no problem alerting me to the fact that he is indeed awake. I'm not sure I fully embrace the 'amazing' part of him moving. It still freaks me out that I have no control of the size of my ever growing belly and the little creature inside. I marvel at the miracle of creating life, but feeling him move? Not there yet. I've gained 7lbs to date so if I gain 1lb/week until he's born, I'll still be in the 'safe' zone.
One more week and we're half way - the first three months seemed to go by sooo slow, but the last month has really flown by. I was looking back in one of my pregnancy books at how big Bino was at 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks gestation and remembering how exciting it was that he was starting to look human. Now that he's looked like a human baby for a number of weeks, I've found that I read the books less and less, and since I'm not focused on his daily growth, the days and weeks go by quickly.
We've picked out the nursery furniture, the bedding has arrived, the chair has been picked - now the attention is on his coming home outfit. I am 98% sure of what it will be, but I'm still looking 'just in case,' although I'll be making the final decision next week to ensure we get it before someone else does! I really love it and have some exciting, craftyish plans for it as soon as he's home and re-dressed in a cozy gown. Stay tuned!

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Mommy S said...

I felt like the first trimester drug on because each week was another week of being terrified it was our last week. I actually didn't really become relaxed until week 16 or so. But now that I can feel her moving around, I feel like time is going WAY too fast and just wanna slow it down. You've made huge progress on collecting and researching stuff for Bino/Pax, but we've yet to really start. We have always been afraid of jinxing things. Now, looks like we're actually gonna have our very own baby. We gotta get to work!

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