Sep 25, 2010

FOUR more months?!

Is it horrible that we still have FOUR months to be pregnant and I'm already wanting to snuggle this baby boy?!  I think I'm in for a loooong fall and winter.  We had an exciting weekend of PAINT.  First dilema was getting over the fact that my beloved Ben Moore didn't have a single shade that worked for our room.  Second dilema was learning that blue is likely the most difficult color in which to find the perfect shade.  Originally, we were going to do a tan/shale color and paint the ceiling blue.  Then I decided that he has the rest of his life to have a tan room and I really wanted to play up the 'baby boy' nursery and go all out and babyish.  That's right, there will be no 'little man'ing it around here, he will be ALL baby until he's 2.  Or 18.  I'll work on that...

Where was I... oh!  the paint.  Without totally dragging on and on (and on...) about the day of paint - let the record show that we went to Lowes not twice, or even three times, but FIVE times on Friday.  The first return trip was due to the paint guy's mistake, the other trips were just due to color in general.  So, here's what we ended up choosing from:
The first color was too dark for a baby, the second too lavendar, the third too Carolina (let's not go there), the fourth too bright, the ones that are taped together are from me refusing to go BACK for two more tiny sample jars - despite the one on the top right being very close to what we were going for... 
The afternoon light was terrible, but we ended up going with the color that was originally too Carolina (third in the picture above).  In the end, we decided that the fourth swatch was closer to Carolina blue and so this one was okay to use.  It's still not 100% what I was going for, but it works.  Chandler did a FABULOUS job painting.  Even though we got no VOC paint (as always) the primer had some fumes and the paint still had a light odor and we felt that it was best that Bino not get high for the first time while in utero.
I'm can't even recall what I wrote about prior to knowing Bino was baking.  Aren't these the cutest?!  I just can't say, 'no' to a good deal. A baby sale + a coupon + bonus bucks was just too much to pass up.  
SO snuggly!  I'm loving the zip on these PJs.  I've had a hard time finding soft gowns so the zipper is definitely second best option.  We do have about six gowns so we're certainly not without, but most of the ones I've seen in stores are girly so it's a little harder finding boy or neutral colors.  I've come to the conclusion that it's a really good thing Bino is a boy - looking at his closet I just can't help but think how much MORE would be in there if he was a girl! 


Mommy S said...

*SMILES* looks like you've embraced the whole "having a baby boy" thing. it's so fun to watch you via pics and blogs.

pippasmum said...

The "getting ready" is so much fun. I remember having so much fun folding the little laundry when I washed everything the first time (and then, you realise just how long it takes to fold all of those little pieces!) Savour every minute, it passes so quickly!

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