Sep 9, 2010

One Hand, Two Hands

Is it too obvious that I've stopped reading adult books? Kidding... I've been accumulating children's books for years - every Christmas and Easter mom gives me hardback children's books. Back when I used to nanny, I had a family that had three children and they LOVED to read. Every night they were each allowed to choose one book. Well, before there were three they picked two each but when #3 came along it was just one. They would try to sneak more books though and I loved how much they enjoyed reading. It's always been a goal of mine for my children to be as excited about reading. As books are so expensive, I figured that I better start working on a collection early, so... when Thomas Nelson offered children's books, I decided I better jump on it!

This one is SO sweet! It's very similar to the last one, The Boy Who Changed the World, but it's geared more for pre-school aged children. It starts out with a little anatomy lesson on hands and how hands work and then goes into how little hands can help others. I'm really excited to read this one to Bino as it's one that I won't have to wait for him to grasp since it's so simple. And who knows, maybe he'll be write his own books about helping and giving one day! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I looked at that book the other day, it's so cute! Isn't it fun to imagine what your kids will do when they get older?!?! I love that about being a Mom and I love how the future is such a huge slate for them, full of options!

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