Oct 5, 2010

Bon appetit - dégoûter! Or, ewww!

Not too long ago, I might have mentioned on Facebook that I enjoyed some Wendy's chicken nuggets dipped in a chocolate frosty.  I might have done that.  It should be noted that I really don't eat meat.  I'll eat chicken from time to time, but for the most part (that's for you Irene), I don't eat any meat.  Since Bino has been in the belly, I've been extra aware of what I eat... that's not to say I haven't consumed chocolate pie, but I have eaten some things I wouldn't normally eat - chicken being one of those things. 

Tonight, however, I saw THIS video.  I am a Jamie Oliver fan (did you know he named his new baby boy Buddy Bear Maurice?  Yeah, and you thought Gilgamesh was a bit over the edge...), but don't have any of his cookbooks.  I hope the recipe on the video is NOT in any - ha!  Unlikely.

Do YOU eat the nuggets?  It's safe to say my nugget days are over.  NASTY!  I can't believe I let myself eat that stuff... I thought about not posting because this was a little to might-barf-everywhere, but then decided that it's worth sharing.  Sorry.  But aren't you glad you saw?  Doesn't it make you think?  Even if our favorite Christian chicken, Chick-it, Chick-fil-a didn't use mechanically separated chicken, doesn't it make you wonder?  Zaxby's is another chicken place I will eat from - I might have to question my attempt at eating meat.

AND - get this... so I have this thing where I'll order a kids meal from McDonald's or Burger King, take the meat out, and put french fries in the middle - well Burger King has a veggie burger now (whoo to the hoo! Actually, a few had them back in '99 when I was in undergrad in the mountains, but the only reason was because it was a super crunchy artsy town of just students for the most part) - it's a Boca patty.  I was running around last week and decided I needed some lunch and drove through the BK.  I'd planned on getting a kids meal but then thought about a veggie burger.  The kids meal was $2.71 with tax.  That included a burger, fries, a small drink, and a cheap BPA ridden plastic toy (there's no proof on the BPA it just seemed to fit with the point here...).  The veggie burger - JUST the burger, was $3.79 - before tax.  WHAT is wrong with this?!  You are telling me that MEAT is cheaper - WAY cheaper if you consider all that was included in that $2.71 meal - than vegetables?  NUTS.  There is something seriously wrong with our food. 

We saw Food, Inc., Super Size Me, all of the big foodie documentaries - but it obviously didn't sink in with me.  We try to eat local whenever possible and had I not had some major all-day sickness going on for weeks on end, we would have joined the CSA up here.  Thankfully, they let us just pick up food when we were able without a full share since I was so sick and couldn't stomach much.  We've joined the fall share though so lots of root goodness to come.

I don't have a good way of wrapping this up - so many things wrong - so many questions - Chandler is totally sick of my rant about marketing (bigger, more for your money crap food advertising) so I thought I'd just take it to the mattresses, err, the blog.  No Godfather fans?  Actually, I've never seen the movie - I just like that line in You've Got Mail. 

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Jill Foley said...

This is gross....I've never been a big fan of chicken nuggets, but Syd loves them. I let her watch the video, so we'll see if she asks for them again.

We saw Super Size also and I was grossed out. But then I got over it when I was brave enough to eat a BigMac and Whopper again...they just taste so dang good!

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