Oct 27, 2010

Two thirds

When I found out we were pregnant (5 days before I'd missed a cycle) I immediately took a picture so we'd have a 'pre' photo.  Because of how pregnant math is done, we were almost 4 weeks pregnant at that time (but really only about two).  I've had SO much fun being pregnant and watching my body change.  It sounds completely cheesy but it really is amazing what a woman's body is capable of - growing and sustaining life.

I am so, so glad I have taken weekly photos - it's neat to go back and see how much I change.  Since there's not really space to post 25 photos side by side, here are months 1-6 (and still not in the format I would have preferred, but that's another story!).

Hard to believe there are only THREE more months to go!  I've also been measuring belly circumference and it's interesting to really SEE the growth.  I was measuring weekly but then realized that there were days where I'd clearly grown so now I just do it whenever I'm thinking about it and this week from Sunday to this morning I was just under a half inch bigger.  The last photo above (also my 25 week TIBS photo) was taken on Monday.  The next 13 weeks should bring some BIG changes!! 

Hoping to have some nursery updates this weekend!

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Mommy S said...

This is SO awesome. I kinda wish I had done the weekly photos, but A) I didn't want to have the photos around if we lost another baby, and B) When you start out with a gut, I'm pretty sure you don't show as much in the beginning. But I LOVE your composite :)

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