Oct 20, 2010

Mountain Mama

When we lived in North Carolina, I worked at an awesome shop called Great Outdoor Provision part time.  It was SO much fun and I miss it a lot.  Not only was it a great place to work where I met many great friends and interesting customers, I also enjoyed a fab wardrobe for my own adventures.  Fast forward a bit and we moved to VA and I now have a growing belly that my clothes no longer accomodate.  Not a problem for every day work and life in general - but we do almost everything outdoors when the weather is nice, so... cotton isn't exactly a girl's best friend.

My soft shell fit until just a couple weeks ago and now it no longer zips.  Thankfully, because of that I remembered I still had a blue soft shell at the shop in NC and stopped by to pick it up last weekend.  I'd forgotten about it because it was a medium - but the color was too good not to go for it so I put a little cash down and stuck it in the back.  I am SO glad I did that... it should fit perfect during the most part of when I will need it - nice!

For other needs though, I was out.  Or so I thought... before I discovered MOUNTAIN MAMA!  I can't even write more without jumping up and down to share...
Flame orange no less!   Amazing isn't it?  Not sold yet?  You must not be pregnant... It is AMAZING.  Seriously.  When the high was 60 today, I jumped at the chance to wear it.  I actually took the picture above earlier this week but the one below (also seen in TIBS Week-24) was taken today. 
(...and yes, I realize I'm looking at myself, I wasn't really thinking that I should look at the camera and thought that well, nevermind... pregnant brain?)

I was so excited to test it out, I took a short hike behind the neighborhood when I came home.  It started to rain a little so I had to cut the afternoon short, but I am in LOVE with it and know that I'll wear it to shreds.  I'm already planning to buy a medium in black.  The orange is a small and fits perfect right now so the black should carry me through the larger belly months. 

Aside from the obvious reasons to love Mountain Mama - all their gear is made in the US and they try to be as green as possible - most of their tops only have a 20 mile travel in total from production to shipping - pretty cool!  AND, because of the fab technology used in their tops, they could definitely be worn while not pregnant too!  That said, I doubt the medium I order will fit when I'm not pregnant (at least I hope it won't, ack!) but the orange one should fit for sure.  I have some Smartwool base layers and I'd say that the Cloud Rest top I have would be the equivalent to Smartwool's mid-weight apparel.  Today's weather was 60s and I was comfortable - I had a fleece vest as well that I shed once inside, but outdoors I was just fine and probably would be fine cooler as well.  Any cooler than high 50s and I'd need a soft shell as well, but I'm usually always cold so I'm sure the average person would be just fine with the top alone.

Is it obvious that I am really, really impressed with this top and Mountain Mama in general?  The best part about the company is that the owner was just like any of us, an avid outdoor loving woman with frustration over the lack of techinical clothing for pregnant women who saw a need and created a solution.  (What?  That's not you?  No worries, MtMama may have technical clothes but that also means SUPER COZY!)  A pretty awesome solution if you ask me.  Oh, and the owner, she's actively involved with the company - I spoke to her after I placed my order and she's awesome - what's not to love about Mountain Mama?!  If you're on Facebook, be sure to look 'Like' them - there are often posts about giveaways from other blogs!

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