Oct 24, 2010

Nursery Sneak!

Last week when we were in NC, I stopped by the children's store to find out about ordering the chair for baby boy's room - while there, they told me our furniture had shipped.  We figured that it would be a couple weeks but got a call on Thursday that it was waiting for us.  It worked out perfectly since there was a game on Saturday and we'd already planned to be in town so we picked it up Saturday morning and it's now in the nursery!
I'll share more about the bedding when it's closer to being done - we need to add the ties/ribbon to the front and sides and the sheet we've put on now is just to give me a sense of completion until more is done in there... there are two options for where the chair will go, one is beside the crib where the stroller is now, the other is in between the window and dressed (below) - which is where I'd originally planned to have it.
The dresser would need to slide down closer to the entry, which isn't a big deal - it will all depend on the bookshelf and nightstand.  The nightstand is on back order and we haven't ordered the bookshelf yet as we haven't decided if we're going to splurge or buy one unfinished (or thrifted) and finish/refinish it in a matching espresso stain. 

Can't wait to share the wall - some of it will be done before baby comes, some parts cannot be done until after he's here.  Speaking of being here, his best friend HENRY was born on Wednesday!!!  We love baby Henry already and can't wait to meet him!!!


Jill Foley said...

I love the furniture - beautiful! Is that a convertible crib? I won't give you my opinion of them.... : ) We had one because I thought it was a genius idea! I'll leave it at that, unless you ask me to elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!!! I love the furniture!

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