Oct 12, 2010

Oliver, Harvey, Buddy & Charlotte

Remember Oliver, our evening dinner guest?  We've not seen Oliver in a few days and we worry when we don't see him.  He doesn't get close to us and we like it that way - but we do like Oliver (ok, some of us love Oliver) so we get concerned when he doesn't show up for his dinner.  Day before yesterday he finally came and we were relieved.  But then last night as I was getting in bed Chandler screamed for me to come downstairs.  I didn't really care to see the deer AGAIN so I said no... he pretty much demanded that I get downstairs.  I was half expecting to see Oliver and a posse of felines but instead, I saw THIS little guy:
 Harvey.  What is HARVEY doing here?!  Ew!  He was cute and gross at the same time.  EATING ALL OF OLIVER'S FOOD!  Poor Oliver!  So now we are back to worrying about little Oliver.  Sweet, sweet Oliver.  We decided that we didn't really know much about these things (nasty) so we read up on Wikipedia.
 No thank you Harvey... we prefer Oliver!  We watched this guy eat for several minutes, he was RIGHT on our porch!  INCHES from the door!  (EWWW!) (Seriously - ewwww!)  I don't want him to be hurt but I do NOT want him on our porch either.  We tapped on the window, he didn't budge.  We knocked on the wall, he didn't budge.  Finally, we turned the lock to the door and he seemed to take notice.  The heck?!  Is he rabid?!  We decided not to put Oliver's food out for a while in case Harvey decided to visit again.  I certainly don't want Harvey to starve but we are NOT going to invite him to dinner.  WHERE IS OLIVER!?
This is obviously not Oliver, it's another new friend this week - Buddy.  Buddy jumped up (no pun intended) on the car as we were heading to the hospital for our tour last night.  I had to stop the car, chase him down from the side view mirror to the middle of the hood, get him off... and then just because it was fun, I chased him a little because he jumped SO far.  I felt bad for scaring him, but it was hilarious - I swear he jumped almost 4 feet (ok, closer to three but STILL!) every time he leaped (lept?).  I figured he'd go back to tree frog land but Chandler said he helped him outside all day and took naps in between so I decided to make him an official friend.  I should have taken a picture of Charlotte while I was at it... Charlotte is our MASSIVE spider that took web at the corner of the porch.  We were going to spray her down (did I mention she is HUGE???), but then decided that if she made it to Halloween then she could stay a little while longer.  She has been catching several bugs but has a little white sack in her day spot and we are watching that thing like you wouldn't believe.  There will be NO mini Charlottes here - that I can assure you.  I do NOT do bugs! (NASTY!)

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