Oct 20, 2010

TIBS - Week 24

Week 24
Baby boy is quite the mover - so far, all continues to go well.  I've gained a total of 14lbs - right on target with the recommended 25-35 for my size.  Twice daily rub downs with Lubriderm and Palmer's continues to be the routine - stretch marks are not welcome!  Evening entertainment consists of us sitting on the couch with my shirt half up so we can watch my belly move.  Why on earth we find watching the same thing so much fun is beyond me... maybe there's actually more to this whole miracle! :)
We've had one hospital tour and should have another sometime in November.  The nursery furniture has been shipped and I cannot wait to have it set up so I can get my wall plan in action - it's too complicated to describe... or I'm too lazy to try to illustrate what's in my head - you pick!

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you and you look great!!! :)

Brittan Bibb

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