Jul 20, 2010

How we told the grandparents...

I've had a few people ask how we told our parents about the baby...

Since we are due right before Valentine's day, I went to Hallmark and asked if they had Valentine's day cards in the back that I could look through. The woman said they were all packed up and apologized... with that, I told her why I wanted them and she was happy to pull a few for me to look at. :) I picked two that both said, "Happy Valentine's Day to you..." and on the inside "... from me!" I put an ultrasound picture at the bottom where we would have signed our names and then the due date arched above the top of the inside.

I also got one of those picture frames that has the thick white matting and black frame and put a picture we had taken at the zoo... around the picture, in the white mat I wrote, "Cost of printing photo: $1, Cost of frame: $5, Finding out there are actually three people in the picture: Priceless!"

We drove to NC on a Saturday and right before everyone was ready to eat lunch, we told them we had something for them... they opened the card first, and then the frame that we'd wrapped up. We originally told them it was a little 'thank you' for helping to clean out my condo, but they quickly realized there was more to it!

My original plan for telling them was to get a 'Big Sister' shirt for Nola, but I knew that they would then think we were getting a puppy so this seemed like the better plan - and I love how we did it! It was perfect and totally caught them off guard!


Jill Foley said...

Love how creative you were!

I wrapped up the stick I peed on...put it in an empty Godiva Chocolate box and gave it to my mom for Mother's Day. (We often use empty Godiva Chocolate boxes to put our gifts in so that was part of the "joke")

Britt :) said...

That is such a cute idea. The must have loved it!

Anonymous said...

CUTE! Love the idea - there is nothing better than catching the ones you love off guard with FANTASTIC news!

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