Jul 18, 2010

Fun in VA

We had some visitors this weekend and ended up at the aquarium - it was really nice and BIG! There are two buildings; one had salt water animals and the other had brackish water animals (otters!). We didn't get many pictures because we were so busy but the sea turtles were HUGE and really neat to watch. There was an area below the top where the lights were dim except for in the tank and you could hear the sounds from inside the tank - it was SO calming. I could have stayed there all afternoon just relaxing in that room.
The nature trails were neat, but it was SO hot! We decided not to do the entire trail and instead walked around and took a few pictures before heading back inside.
Luka Bleu thoroughly enjoyed the visit with his Poppa!
Busch Gardens! One of the very few pictures from the day... the boys rode Pompei several times. Poor Chandler was roped into riding Lochness Monster SEVEN times. By 3:30 his head was spinning and they had to call it a day. Mom and I left a little earlier but sat in traffic for 3 hours! So much for a short 40 minute trip home!

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Anonymous said...

FUN! I see a little baby bump, lol, LOVE IT!

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