Nov 17, 2010

TIBS - Week 28

Week 28

Several friends remarked that I'm always behind the camera so... voila!

ha! :)

No real changes this week, unless we want to go TMI - I'll save that for its own post.  In other not-so-TMI news, it's increasingly difficult to get comfortable sleeping.  I'm a back/stomach sleeper so being pregnant has definitely put a damper on my sleep positions.  Combine that plus my six pillows with a man and his five pillows (yeah, 11 in total), a dog, AND two cats in the bed and it just makes for a long night.  Cozy, but long.  For the last week, I've been up before 6 o'clock and at work by 8 - super early considering my day doesn't typically start until 9!  While I'd normally look forward to sleeping in on the weekends, it's all I can do to stay in bed until 7:30am.  I'm often bored and just wander around the house piddling around until Chandler is awake.  Last weekend I made coffee at 6am and carried the pot midway up the stairs hoping he'd smell it and wake up on his own... didn't work.  

I'm starting to get more and more excited to meet this tiny boy.  Lately I feel like his personal swimming pool, only instead of swimming he's constantly hitting walls in there.  The nursery is done with regard to furniture - we are still not sure about a bookshelf and the chair should be here in the next couple of weeks.  We rearranged it AGAIN - back to the original 'design' and I'm glad to be DONE.  I'm about to order the items for his walls and then we'll move forward with hanging, pasting, and otherwise just making it nice and classic with a slight twist!


Mommy S said...

A) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos with face!
B) I feel ya on the lack of sleep, but unlike you, I stay in bed and still hit the snooze button.
C) We thought our bed was full! we have 3-5 cats plus my 5 pillows, Thommy, and his 3 pillows. Is yours a king? We have a queen.
D) Swimming pool analogy = perfect!

GinH said...

Hey girl - yep, king. We went ahead and did that when we moved here knowing we wanted a family. I kept thinking of little children afraid in the middle of the night trying to crawl between cats and dogs and well, king just seemed to make more sense - HA!

Jill Foley said...

You look awesome!

I hope you have a king size bed. I remember all the pillows and the not being able to sleep.

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