Nov 2, 2010

Weekend Projects - Complete!

Ever had a weekend so busy that you were SO ready for Monday?  That's about what we felt like Sunday night.  Between Halloween festivities and projects, we were exhausted.  My feet were on fire and I was ready for bed by 6pm.  The fruits of our labor?  Voila.
I had been trying to find something to keep necklaces in, but nothing seemed to do the trick - so I took matters into my own hands.  I'm LOVING it!  When we moved we had a ton of extra frames that we weren't using, so I took removed the glass and replaced it with some garden wire.  Thanks to my trusty staple gun and some 's' hooks, we finished this in about oh 10 minutes.  Easiest project I've ever done - and it's so functional.  I didn't have enough hooks for everything so I've added that to my list for later, but until then my favorite pieces fit and that's good for now.

The looooongest project was  repainting the living room.  I loved the Ben Moore gray we originally painted it, but it was most definitely not working with the light in this room, which made it seem cold and sterile.  We warmed it up with some Valspar from our best friends at Lowes and couldn't be happier with the new color.


Next up - the nursery wall - it is going to be SO fun, I can't wait to share what we have in mind!!!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the frame idea, I just did that in my bathroom and I LOVE it, it makes life so much easier to have all your pretty's right there! The living room looks great & I can't wait for nursey updates!!

Sandra said...

Your creativity just shines through. Beautiful!

Jill Foley said...

definitely an improvement!

I use an belt hanger for my necklaces. I hang it on the wall in my closet and my necklaces hang nicely from it.

brittanywest said...

love it girl!!! the frame AND the paint!!! and is that friends on the tv?? lol

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