Nov 13, 2010


After drooling for an undisclosed amount of time Chandler spilled the beans on my Merry Christmas slightly early.  Apparently he had a plan for the 'would really love to have but will likely never get' items - I got lost in the chatter when I heard the angels sing.  Not really - but I certainly did NOT believe him.  We went to the dream store on Thursday to ask some questions since it's been since undergrad that I've used a Mac.  He was ready to take the plunge then and there.  I was still looking for some sign of sanity in him.  He spilled the beans on the idea really late on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?) night so I still wasn't convinced I'd heard him right and that he might have been talking in his sleep.

We asked our questions, played on some systems, then went home.  I was thinking that we'd just wait a while to see what holiday deals may be available - again, he had other plans.  We ended up getting his wishlist item last night so he was determined that we get mine as well - ok, ok... so off to Apple we went early this morning.  I'm still in a state of shock.  AND - let me not forget to mention that we got a free printer!  No joke!  How's that for a holiday deal?!  It's really nice actually - wireless and it prints photos.  We already had a wireless but we moved it to the garage since it had an automatic scanner feed and this one is now in the office.  We tested it out on a sample photo and it's amazing.  AND - the guy who helped us ended up talking us down a model.  I asked him why he'd do such a thing and he genuinely (after laughing) explained that he thought it was just too much for what I would be doing on it - way cool.  His name was Jason.  If you're up this way and need a Mac, ask for him.  He was even sure to include Nola when we were talking about what/who my photo subjects would be.  He would say 'pictures of the dog and baby.'  My kind of guy.

I'm still pinching myself a little - and am totally in love!  Both with my Chan for being so sweet (and sneaky with his $ plans) and with Pebbles.  Yeah, it has a name.  I figure that if cars have names and computers can cost the same as cars, it needs a name.  No, it wasn't quite that much - but it needed a name.  Truly, it did.


Jill Foley said...

my violin has a computer does not, but maybe it should considering I spend more time with it than I do my poor violin.

Hmmm...maybe I should just dole out my time differently.

GinH said...

And the violin's name would be _____???

Jill Foley said...

Jasmine...I used to spend 3-4 hours a day with my violin in college. Then I spent hours teaching others to play. Now I spend minutes each day, teaching my kids. At least Jasmine and I still have a relationship.

I've never named my car or house. But the girls named our van Aslan (they are Narnia freaks)

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