Nov 11, 2010

Chandler's Day

Today was supposed to be Chandler's day, but we ended up running around on errands (his favorite).  Chili's had free lunch for vets (thank you Chili's!) so that was our first stop - YUM! - then we headed to the mall for a quick Target run, which led to a Norfolk run to play with apples, and finally to Kohls ($10 gift card in the mail, fun!) and Walmart (did you know Reece trees are already out?!).

HAPPY DAY CHANDLER! - and ALL veterans!
In honor of Chandler's day, I thought I'd share a picture from the day my husband met my boyfriend:

Yes, Tony Blair is my boyfriend.  No, he doesn't know this - and I doubt his people would approve, but that's another post for another day. ;)

Happy Veteran's Day!

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- B said...

Hahaha! My dad sent me pics from his free Chili's meal ^_^

Thank Chandler for serving!

Also, "the bump" is looking great! How exciting!

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