Nov 9, 2010

TIBS - Week 27

Week 27

Hard to believe this is my 15th post of 'the infamous belly shot' - and in less than 15 weeks, we'll have a baby!  Thirteen weeks to be exact...

Baby boy is still as wiggly as ever and in meetings, if awake, he often distracts whoever is beside me - that has been fun. ;)  The nursery furniture is almost all here, still waiting on the chair and we're hopeful that will arrive before the end of the month.  My boyfriend happily obliged to take the recliner upstairs so we could arrange (and re-arrange) different configurations.  I don't love what we settled on, but it's the best way to maximize the space, so we're going with it.  (Unless I change my mind, which is highly likely.)

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Via said...

I feel like you should nickname him "Tibs" just for the title of all the blogposts about him!

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