May 17, 2010

Some random bits

Random Bits of Unimportant Information (unless you are my husband, in which case I really love the below mentioned items and my birthday is one month from today)

-We went to Lowe's this past weekend and bought knock out roses, petunias, peony bulbs, and tomato plants for the back yard and then dug up some dead sod to make room for a little flower bed. I plan to upload some pictures tonight - I love the way it turned out!

-I am really loving this:

How cute is that?! The back has a different print and the inside is different too - at $68 I can assure you I won't be purchasing it (half off, maybe!) but it is sooo cute, I love it! Hm, wonder if I can find some similar fabric...maybe a Japanese print!

And this:

We had to run into Pottery Barn to pick up some curtains on Saturday and I saw this lamp shade. Is it not gorgeous?! I thought it was $29 and was going to splurge but I knew better so I asked the sales person and promptly returned it to its happy shelf - $49. Bummer. I already know where I would put it though - we have this little nook that leads into the master bedroom and I have an old chest there - it would be soooo pretty leading into that space, especially with the colors we have in there.

-Have you seen the new 'Single Ladies' video? The one from World of Dance's recent competition in which five girls no older than 9 or 10 dance to Beyonce's hit song? Oh man... most of the hype seems to be about their outfits - which aren't any worse than some of the jazz costumes I've seen or any ice skating or gymnastics ones - the problem I have is with the dancing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about dancing - I have no moves and zero rhythm but I have no problems with dancing - what they are doing, however, is NOT appropriate! The entire charade is just wrong. I'm being totally judgemental and can't help it - there is simply no reason why the person coaching those girls couldn't have found a more appropriate song for them to demonstrate their skills - Dr. Phil was interviewed by Anderson Cooper (love him, read his book, it's good - wow, his life...) and was quoted with a response of, "wildly inappropriate." I completely agree. Between the lyrics and the dance moves - I just cannot understand how people think there is nothing wrong with it. It's one thing to have a child see a popular artist and mimic them at home but for a competition - to have to practice and then to be on stage in front of THOUSANDS of people - COME ON! I'm not going to embed the video on my blog but it can be seen on YouTube here. They can absolutely dance, but they look ridiculous.

What do you think?

-I had a few more random thoughts but they've somehow disappeared after that last bit of info. I'll try to post some pictures of the flowers later tonight - and the give away books are being mailed tomorrow!


Abbie H. said...

Glad to hear you guys are settling in. I just took pics this morning of my balcony garden to share soon!

Jill Foley said...

wow...I am in tears and speechless over that shameless display. Shame on their parents and dance instructors. What really appalls me is that I took the poll asking if it was inappropriate and my response of yes was in the 3%....seriously?!?! What a sad world we live in.

GinH said...

Abbie!!!! Post soon, I want to see!

Jill, I did the same - after I posted - and could NOT believe it! I actually went back to be sure I clicked on what I intended and was just as shocked.

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-Gerry Straub