Jan 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Isn't this a creepy rib picture? It's the gutter but I swear it looks like an alien's rib cage!

Nola loved the scarf I made her, it was really cute!

I loved that her chin whiskers were covered in snow!

Don't panic, mom's head didn't fall off (although sometimes I swear it spins!)... she was bending over trying to make a snowman and when I saw the photo afterwards, well...

This is the highway when I was finally able to leave work. Safe Mr. County Manager, real safe. Thanks for thinking of us. I appreciate your concern for our safety. Thanks for watching the news and taking note when they warned us EARLY this morning that this would happen.

Oh the snowman building...

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Kalaya said...

Ooh lots of snow!
Here only the main roads look plowed like yours did. The rest of the side roads that we have are just hard-packed snow/ice. Not safe. I thank God for anti-lock brakes; they come into use every day!

Glad the plows were out though! It looks like you were able to enjoy the snow! :)

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