Jan 20, 2009

More Snow Day!

All in all we got a good 6" of snow (at least!) -- a very, very rare thing for NC!

I just read the paper and there have been over 50 wrecks in the last four hours. (All county employees no doubt.) I sure hope tomorrow brings a looong delay as it's supposed to stay below freezing tonight and into the morning. Even with snow plows, salt trucks and sand dumping machines we'll need a looong delay since we really don't do snow here.

Happy Snow Day!


brittany said...

somehow that doesn't look like your average snowman....where are his other balls?? looks like nola had fun. roxy also had fun digging it up!

Karlei said...

Where's the sling? It would have been perfect in weather like this. Glad you you guys & Nola had fun!

Kalaya said...

Nola looks soooo cute in her winter outfit!

Elftea said...

I love the puppy gear on Nola. Thanks for following.


Oh, man what a cute little doggie!! Luv her outfit, she so has fashion sense. Never go out without your booties, sweater and scarf especially on a chilly winter day! lol...and Thanks for my b-day wishes!!! :) Please stop by anytime you want to say hi or listen to some rockin music! I heart new friends.

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