Jan 21, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday

I'm going to talk about my dog again. Because she's sorta like my child (for now). Ok, she is my child (for now). We had lots (lots) of snow yesterday and Nola has very sensitive skin so I have to be careful of how long she's outside. I knew she'd want to play so I dug up her booties from when she had surgery (to remove her dew claws) last year.

I'm quite sure people saw her and said, "oh that poor dog." But the girl had such a good time! She was shivering so I know she didn't mind the sweater and the booties annoy her initially but they enable her to stay out and play longer so really, they're for her benefit. And the scarf around her neck that I knit, yeah, I'll give you that, "poor dog." I couldn't help myself, her neck looked exposed without anything on it and she already had a sweater and boots so why not a scarf?! Plus, it wasn't like I went out and bought it... it was made with lots of love. (Yeah, I know, it's worse that I took time to make it. Do I sound like I care?!) ;)

So, dogs with sensitive skin, meet booties! They work for me. Her. They work for her.

For more tips, check out Shannon's blog!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

OMGosh, those pictures crack me up! Nola all dressed in pink, with a color coordinated matching scarf and booties. That is one spoiled cute pup. And she looks like she loves the attention!

Kim said...

Hey you aren't the only one who dresses their dog funny. My 8 month old Boston terrier hates cold feet. Check out this post to see a pic of her dressed for the snow. I think a scarf is a great idea :)


Karlei said...

Girl, I stopped in the shop last night & there was this guy there from Alaska. Anyway, he was showing me these booties that they make there for the Ididerod (spelling?) dogs; I thought of Nola & you. I told him about poor little Nola's sensitive feet.

GinSpaghetti said...

I hate the Iditarod! So many dogs die. It's sad. Yeah, I've seen them on Ebay and have thought about ordering some but we so rarely have COLD weather that I just never did. I may investigate further though! ;)

Did the AK guy have lots of dogs?

Mary said...

I think she's adorable. And she looks happy to me! Wonderful pictures. She's a well-loved doggie.

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